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Car Parking 

Parking at Baggergate House

We are excited to announce that Baggergate House now comes with  parking for one vehicle in the properties residential parking zone. On request we will provide guests with a permit that allows them to park one vehicle in the residents parking zone R16 for the duration of their stay.  


Collecting and Displaying the Permit

Although it has double yellow lines, you are allowed to pull up your car for a few minutes to drop off or pick up luggage and passengers, and to collect the parking permit.  We will leave the permit on the dining room table.  Alternatively, you can find a parking space and then walk to the house to collect it.  Most of the spaces in the parking zone allow free parking to non-residents for up to hour (though a few are just 10 minutes) which will allow enough time for you to do this.

The permit should be displayed clearly on the passenger side of the windscreen.

Please leave the permit on the dining room table when you leave.



The permit is valid for the duration of your stay, from 4pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure.

You can use it for any of the spaces marked R16, but not on bays marked out in red or displaying ‘C’ or ‘GM’ after the zone number.  You can see the full extent of the parking area by visiting the York City Council website and searching for residents parking.  The R16 zone is highlighted in pink on the map. Residents' priority parking scheme


Directions to the Parking Zone

From Baggergate House, 

  • continue to the T-junction and turn right, keeping in the right-hand lane

  • after the pelican crossing move to the left side of the road

  • take the fourth turning on your left into Victoria Street (you will see a green Samaritans sign on the corner)

  • continue as the road bears left into St Benedict Road

  • you are now in the parking zone and the bays on the left side of this road are the closest to Baggergate House 


Parking for Additional Vehicles

Any additional vehicles for your party will need to use a public car park.  The nearest one is on Nunnery Lane which is less than a 5 minute walk from the house.  The charge for a 24-hour stay is £13.50.  You can pay using cash or card at the machine or pay and top-up your payment using the Ringo App on your phone.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a local parking space on the Just Park App which could be a little cheaper.


Extending your Stay in York

If you arrive in York before 4pm or choose to stay in the city beyond 10am on your final day you will need to find alternative parking for the additional hours.  You could use the Nunnery Lane car park as mentioned above, or for stays of up to 3 hours you can use the Bishopthorpe Road shoppers’ car park at the end of the shopping parade, which is a little closer.  This costs a maximum of £3, but payment is cash only at the machine.

This will be available from your designated check in time of 4pm until your allocated check out time. 

Parking for any additional vehicles is available from a Nunnery Lane car park, les than a 5 minute walk from the property at a cost of around £2.30 per hour up to a maximum of £13.50 per day. More information can be found on the York Council website 

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